Blogging on the Great Lakes

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This summer I had the pleasure of working with the team at Toronto-based Waterlution as they build awareness and generate interest among Ontarians for the Great Lakes.

Not a traditional ‘Save the Great Lakes!’ from (name a calamity—pollution, invasive species, microbead plastics, etc), but rather it’s been an exercise in helping people who live within the basin understand the recreational, economic, environmental, spiritual and aesthetic value of the inland seas that many of us (myself included) can see from our homes.

Check out the pieces I wrote for Waterlution this summer and, while you’re there, poke around to see some of the great projects they have underway.

What Makes You Care About Climate Change?

Spotlight on the Great Lakes: Wetlands

Great Lakes and Canada 150

From ‘What Makes You Care About Climate Change?’

It’s not an abstract question. The answers, in fact, could have wide-reaching consequences for if and how governments and industries respond to our warming world and the adaptation and mitigation efforts they choose to undertake. Research published in Nature Climate Change in 2012 found that policies directly tackling climate change are more welcome by the general public when individuals are worried about global warming. If we’re not anxious about our rapidly warming world we let those responsible for the change, and those capable of legislating solutions, believe we don’t care.

So I ask again: What makes you care about climate change?


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