Signed up with Goodreads!

It took me a while, but I’ve signed up with Goodreads. Funny thing is, I’ve been keeping a log of the books I’ve read in an old Moleskin notebook* since 2006, and it seems as if Goodreads is an online reflection of that with the added feature of allowing others to see what you’re reading, what you’ve liked and which authors you’re interested in learning from.

You can find me at and check out what I’m reading or read the reviews I’ve left of other books I’ve stumbled across.

* My wife and I were super competitive when we first started dating in 2005 and originally set the log up as a challenge to see who could read more books each year. After the first year passed, we just kept it up, less for the glory of reading more than your partner than for the data of what we’ve read and when. In case anyone is wondering, I won. No big deal.